Clean Skin Before Painting

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Alcohol Cleaner removes all greases, grease, dirt and all other contaminants that adhere to the skin’s surface.

  • Easy to use: just wipe onto the skin surface with a clean cloth.
  • Can be used to remove stains, lighten with water to reduce the possibility of irritation.
  • Can be mixed with Ultra Clean to really remove stains before staining.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Suitable for skin types in areas such as: furniture, clothes, cars, leather shoes …


Wet the towel with Alcohol Cleaner and wipe it thoroughly on the damaged skin surface.
Alcohol Cleaner will remove stains, grease and dirt from the skin surface. If the surface is weak, it can blur the skin.
When this step is done, the skin surface has been hunted to re-dye.
After using the Alcohol Cleaner you should perform skin repair or dyeing.


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