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Grain Copier and Silicone are the two ingredients used to make fringes for leather. The product is a combination of two bottles: Base and Hardener. When mixed together Hardener activates Base to make it look like rubber. If this mixture is poured onto the skin, when covered it will take the impression of the skin surface. This mold is called the Grain Pad.


The leather background texture is then used in combination with Leather & Vinyl Weld (helps to weld and make it seamless to the skin and plastic) to emboss the skin on the weld spot.

Grain Copier 1
Grain Copier 2
Grain Copier 3

Base for about 15ml into the cup.

Continue to add 5ml Hardener into the cup Mix well and wait for a while
Grain Copier 4
Grain Copier 5
After 3 minutes pour on the surface of the skin When drying the product


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