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Leather Binder has two main uses:

Apply to heavy cracked skin surface before using Flexfil to reinforce skin surface and support repair.
To fix small blemishes on the skin surface like scratches.
Leather Binder is a dilute solution that can be used to enhance the skin’s tolerance when damaged surfaces cause cracks and brittle fractures. Binder seeps into every skin and keeps them tightly bonded to create a more sustainable skin surface structure. This structure greatly improves the stretch ability of the skin, making it easier to repair the skin and make it more effective. This can be checked with cracked skin, it can be easily torn by hand, but when we cover the Leather binder, we can’t tear the skin afterwards.

Why is Leather Binder important?

It gives you confidence when making repairs because you know it has a lasting effect. For example, if you only use Flexfil, you can repair leather seats very well but it is not durable and lasting. Not because Flexifil is not good, but because the underlying skin is too weak – the skin can tear apart, not overlay. By using Leather Binder first, you can assure yourself that the repair class will last a lot longer.
Leather Binder is also needed for fraying skin. By reinforcing each skin, you can sand it without making the skin surface more negatively impacted.


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