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Leather Prep is used to remove the outer finish of the skin. It also removes solvents such as wax, oil, silicon, which, if not removed, can cause colorless staining when dyeing.

Cracks Prep 1
An old leather car seat was severely cracked. The main part that is cracked is not the skin but the color and finish.
Leather prep’s main purpose is to remove old, worn and hard coat on the skin. They are the original layers and finishes made in the tannery, because over the years it becomes hard and fades. Normally, when the skin is cracked, it is not really caused by the cracked skin but because the coating is on the skin.
Use Leather Prep and Pad to remove the outer coating, so it can remove cracks, make the skin look better and feel more comfortable. The skin can be sanded to make it smooth and any Any damage of the skin can be repaired. Cracks Prep 2
Eliminate the finish layer to restore the skin to its natural state, preparing for the new coating.
Cracks Prep 3
Results when completed. After the repair is done, the color layer and finish are overlayed, giving the skin a natural beauty and smooth feeling.
Removing the old coat provides better performance, not only for the outside image, but also for its softness and ease of use. Replacing the method to repair old seats like cracks and colorful covers and coat covers the outer layer. This only results with flexible plastics such as finishes, and even harder skin. No longer soft.


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