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A natural yet powerful restorative, Wood Reviver is based on a 100 year old french polishers recipe, updated and perfected through modern technology. Easy to use and suitable for all wooden surfaces, it will restore the wood to its original condition without the use of solvents, abrasives or silicones.
Wood Reviver is safe to use on all types of wood and can be applied to easily restore and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden items within the home, both antique and modern.
In the Kitchen Wood Reviver is particuarly useful, perfect for use on kitchen cupboards, it will remove all the grease and grime from wooden units and the organic oils will restore the lustre in the wood.
Wood Reviver will remove any streaks and smears caused by washing with soapy water, washing kitchen cupboards with soapy water is not recommended because it will dry the wood out.
Furniture Clinic Wood Reviver contains natural oils that will feed the wood and revive a dried out appearance.


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