Preserving Automotive Leather Car Seat New, Nice Durable

Keeping the interior of your car clean will help you avoid health problems. Leather seats add a touch luxe to your car. They’re pricey, so you need to take care of them. Here’s how to clean leather car seats so that they look great and last a longtime.

Worn and torn leather seats:

Causes: using high concentrated chemicals or hard rubbing leaves the worn and torn surface.

Solutions: use soft cloth when rubbing, delute cleaner in water (30oC). Do not clean when the interior invironment gets warm. Do not use rough cloth or brush.

Stained surface

Leather stains from food, ink, urine, and water if not be treated quickly will be absorbed in leather and cause stained spots.

Chewing gum, plastic, candies are melted in high temperature and stick on the surface.

Prevention and solution: not to let food, liquid spill on the surface. Treat quickly the dirt.

Scratched and torn seat

Causes: rubbed by sharp objects or scratched by pets.

Prevention: not to let sharp things touch the surface. Do not bring pets into the car

Peel off surface

Causes: pressing, kneeling, or standing, putting heavy subjects on leather seats as well as exposing your car to sunray make them puckered.

Prevention: avoid putting heavy things or kneeling, standing on car seats.

Hairy surface:

Causes: using heavy duty vacuum cleaner in cleaning. Car seats are wet for a long time.

Prevention: do not use heavy duty vacuum for car seats ( especially porous ones). Avoid letting them wet. Do not seat on after bathing in the sea (with wet clothes)

Tip to renew the interior:

Step 1: Park your car in the shade 

Step 2: Start with a quick vacuuming of the seats to get rid of any loose dirt. Be sure to get in the crevices of the seat

Step 3: put cleaner on the spondage, rub circularly. Use lemon juice with rartaric acid for tough dirt

Step 4: Wipe the seats with clean cloth.

Step 5: Repeat those steps for the other seats.

Step 6: When the seats get clean and dry, put leather conditioner to keep your seats in tip-top condition. Conditioner should be with UV protection, use specific cotton cloth. You can find them in hardware store

Step 7: Softly apply conditioner to the seats

Step 8: Let them dry in at least an hour before using.

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