Car leather seats after a period of use are often stained, so it should be cleaned, covered with nutrients to increase the aesthetic value of the interior compartment as well as bring comfort to users.
Leather upholstery is more expensive and durable than felt seats, but after about 3 years of use, the coating creates gloss as well as the protective surface of the leather seats will be worn out gradually. In addition, some of the bad habits of automobile users are easy to make stained leather seats down.

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After a period of use, the shading layer, protecting the leather seats will wear out gradually

To remove all stains on the chair, while keeping the skin surface of the chair always soft, smooth, creating gloss … need to properly clean with specialized solutions, not just cleaning with water clean. Here are the steps that clean leather seats that car users need to take care of by themselves:

Check the leather upholstery surface
Before cleaning leather seats, park in areas with shade, avoid exposure to the sun. Check the skin surfaces of each seat one after the other when detecting a hole or tear that needs to be covered to prevent water or cleaning chemicals from getting inside, over time will dampen mold.

Vacuum dirt on the seat surface

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Clean dust and dust on skin surfaces, seat slots before cleaning

After checking the leather seat surface, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the seat. If you regularly take care of your car at home, use a mini vacuum cleaner. Note, clean dust in the seat slots, gently manipulate to avoid scratching the surface of the leather seats.

Remove stain, clean the leather seat surface
Need to prepare the brush and at least 2 specialized wipes made of very soft, soft cloth to clean the surface of the leather seats. Besides, care should be taken in choosing cleaning solutions.

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Use specialized detergents to not affect the leather seats

In fact, to facilitate many car owners often use dishwashing soap diluted with clean water for cleaning. However, according to Mr. Tong Quang Phu – Director of Mobile Car Care system specializing in car care and maintenance in Vietnam: “This is a mistake. By washing dishwashing liquid or soap that contains a lot of detergents, high alkalinity … when used to clean leather seats will impact directly on the leather seats, over time will make the leather seats are discolored, reduced level elastic, soft of leather seats “.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose genuine cleaning solutions for automotive interior to clean leather seats. These specialized solutions not only effectively clean but also ensure the softness of leather seats while not affecting the health of car users.

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Spray the cleaning solution onto the surface of the chair, then wipe it with a clean clo

Spray the cleaning solution onto the seat surface, then wipe each part with a clean cloth such as a chair cushion, back. With stubborn “stain” stains, a soft bristle brush can be used to combine with detergent to fly. However, with leather seats designed to vent, do not spray the detergent directly on the surface of the leather seats, instead, the detergent should be absorbed into the surface of the soft bristle brush and then lightly rub the areas. stained. This should be gentle so as not to fray the leather surface.

Clean the detergent
After removing the stains, wipe off the detergent with a dry cloth and cling to the surfaces of each seat.

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Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the leather chair

Use a curing agent to wipe the leather seat surface
When all seats are clean and dry, to create gloss and protect the skin surface, use a moisturizer to dry the towel to clean the surfaces of the leather seats. Then take 5-10 minutes for the chair to dry before use.Cách làm sạch ghế da ô tô bị ố bẩn - ảnh 7

Apply nutrients to a dry towel to clean the surfaces of the leather seats

According to the advice of technicians specializing in car care, users need to clean and maintain leather seats after about 3 months of use to keep the leather surface of the chair always soft, achieve the necessary gloss, increase the value for the car car.


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