The Easy Ways To Identify Genuine Leather

Today, many similar looking synthetic materials are available in the market sold, making many consumers confused and worried. Is there any simple way to distinguish real leather form fake?

1. Careful observation:

Check the surface grain, the little “pebbles” and pores, for imperfections and uniqueness that signal genuine leather. Very regular, even, and similar grains often indicate a machine-made piece.


Luxurious and modern 

The genuine leather consists of randomized fibers, if we intentionally scratch it, nothing changes, fake leather will be scratched.

2. Hand-feel

Touch the sofa to sense the smooth surface of fake leather due to plastic materials. But speaking of softness, leather sofa is always the number 1


High quality, softness of genuine leather

In addition, when touching the real sofa, we will never feel as cool as fake leather, especially in winter.

3. Direct smelling

People might think it is not a good way, but if you want to have a beautiful living room sofa set, worth your investment, why not try.

Fake leather always has the smell of synthetic resin and the real leather sofa will have a fatty smell, sometimes slight rotten smell. That is how to distinguish when you take a look at leather material. Once it is manufactured, the real leather material is processed for deodorant purpose

4. Wet the product

Gently wet your sofa, water spreads out on genuine leather and is obsorbed in the skin through the pores. In addition, real skin always keeps moisture and fake leather does not.


5. Fire test

You can use a lighter to slightly burn the surface, when it smells like burnt hair, it is genuine leather

6. Real leather color

Faux leather sofas always have more colors for customers to choose. As for real leather, it is only dark or downy mildew color


Luxurious and delicate sofa  set in the living room

Hopefully, the above will help you to find genuine leather sofa with best quality!

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